Pumpkin Patch Date

It’s been a couple of years since either of us have trudged through the mud to find the perfect pumpkin, and in the spirit of fall and starting new traditions, we headed out to Sauvie Island to grab a couple gourds and decorations.

Sunday Set: No.4

Travel and work have been crazy over the past couple of weeks and we missed a Sunday Sesh! To make up for a couple weeks of silence, here’s another well-curated Sunday Set with a couple extra links and goodies. You won’t be disappointed!

Sunday Set: No.3

It’s finally really feeling like Fall in Portland and we couldn’t be more stoked about it! Warm colors and cold air, hot drinks and all the soups (seriously, all the soups), rainy days and cozy evenings – these are a few of our favorite things. Once again, as the week comes to a close, we’re taking a bit of this last day to compile our weekly inspirations over hot tea, under comfy blankets. Enjoy! 

Living Room

As we settle into our new space, we’re tackling the design of each room, one at a time. You may think living minimally is easy, but it’s actually quite challenging as everything you keep and/or buy should be serving some sort of purpose. The living room seems like an important first item to cross off our list, and though we’re still in the design and planning stage, but we wanted to catalog and share with you all some of our current inspirations.

Painted Hills

While Trevor traveled to Ontario for work this past weekend, my (Taylor) dad’s wife Gina also left for Italy, so of course we took the opportunity to spend a little quality time together, which is a bit harder to come by these days and a much welcomed treat! When I was a kid we used to visit the eastern half of the state quite often, so for photographic and nostalgic reasons we headed towards the desert in search of the fabled Painted Hills.

Serving Up Style

We’ve been taking it easy this week while scheming up some apartment updates (coming soon) and some travel plans (also coming soon.) So, we didn’t get a chance to do too much exploring or photo-taking, but did manage to attend a wonderful gala supporting a very misunderstood disease, Lupus. Chances are you or someone you know is living with or is closely connected to someone living with Lupus. Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus is doing a good, good thing, people. Check out some of the great shots from the gala at The Nines Hotel, Portland’s premier luxury hotel and lifestyle location!

Sunday Set: No.2


Another week has flown by and we’ve kept quite busy. We’ve made ourselves a promise to travel somewhere new every 3-4 months, and with the trip to Iceland rapidly approaching (60 days!) we simply can’t stop the travel planning there. Vietnam, Japan, Bali, and Chile are just a few places we’re considering. Exciting stuff! In the meantime, we’ve compiled another set of articles and media that are inspiring and satiating our appetites lately. Enjoy!

Sunday Set: No.1

As the week comes to a close, it’s nice to reflect back on what’s been inspiring us lately and what bit of media we’ve been enjoying. With travel on the mind, we’ve been affording a lot of our brain space to trip planning and fall weather shopping. However, having just moved into our new place and with each other , we’re still designing our space and finding new ways to cook together too! Check out our list of inspirations from this past week.

Rainy Day Oysters

It’s started raining again in Portland, and we couldn’t be happier. Really! There’s something nostalgic, moody, and beautiful about the rain, and honestly I can’t completely describe it. It’s on days like this that most people curl up at home with a good book or their favorite movie, but not us! We were out and about as usual and found some great new places right in our neighborhood to explore!

Opal Bar

On the weekends, we often like to roam about town and find new, hidden gems to try. Opal Bar, located at the Dossier Hotel on SW Park, was a pleasant surprise. The interior, with its kaleidoscopic ceiling, pastel tones, and gold accents was a welcome retreat from the cacophony of downtown visual clutter. And we’re suckers for well-seasoned appetizers!