Sunday Set: No.1

As the week comes to a close, it’s nice to reflect back on what’s been inspiring us lately and what bit of media we’ve been enjoying. With travel on the mind, we’ve been affording a lot of our brain space to trip planning and fall weather shopping. However, having just moved into our new place and with each other , we’re still designing our space and finding new ways to cook together too! Check out our list of inspirations from this past week.

1 – Did you see our Olympia Oyster Bar review? You can find it here. The place is a gem.

2 – There’s just no substitute for products made with all-natural dyes and authentic, locally sourced material. The Citizenry blog has a great collection of West African textiles. Check there our here and here.

3 – For all of you frequent travelers out there, Mr. Porter has a great article on travel tips and trips. Read it here.

4 – Knowing that a bunch of travel is ahead of us, we’ve been on the hunt for good travel packs. Don’t get us wrong, backpacking packs have served us well, but it’s time for something a bit more leisurely. This bag seems to be one of the best option.  This one too.

5 – If you are a ux/ui designer, then you know as well as I (Taylor) do that best practices are evolving what seems like every day! Here is a site that has been a great tool as of late.

6 – Saatchi Art just released a more affordable collection under the title Limited, and their minimalist collection has my bank account giving me that look….check it out here.

7 – Obviously, we like to eat out a lot. You can check out a few of our favorite spots here, here, and here! The last one we tried just yesterday and were blown away!

8 – We love to cook! And with each new season, comes the cravings for new, fresh recipes. Currently, I’m on a soup kick and frankly it’s getting out of hand. Here’s the cookbook I’ve been pining over for months. And here is a great list of other cookbooks for your perusal.

9 – There’s some great looking movies coming out. We’re pretty excited for this one and this!

10 – A good many Fado and Bossanova tracks have been gracing our stereo lately. Check out some of our favorites here and here.












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