Sunday Set: No.2


Another week has flown by and we’ve kept quite busy. We’ve made ourselves a promise to travel somewhere new every 3-4 months, and with the trip to Iceland rapidly approaching (60 days!) we simply can’t stop the travel planning there. Vietnam, Japan, Bali, and Chile are just a few places we’re considering. Exciting stuff! In the meantime, we’ve compiled another set of articles and media that are inspiring and satiating our appetites lately. Enjoy!

1 – Loving everything Joah Brown makes. Especially their sweaters.

2 – It’s officially soup season and I’m obsessed. We’re changing up our diet a bit and going vegetarian for a while to see if it helps us feel less sluggish and lethargic (allergies, maybe) and finding killer vegetarian recipes has been a struggle. Luckily Food52 has our back. This minestrone is happening.

3 – Still looking for the perfect check and carry-on duo. Raden is doing it right. We’re smitten.

4 – You might have heard of hygge and lagoon, but what about folkeligt? Yeah. We hadn’t either. Learning about these Scandinavian lifestyle “trends” is pretty interesting though.

5 – I’m lucky enough to live in a city where this shop is just a short drive away.

6 – While in Milan, Italy we discovered a ton of brilliant shops and boutiques. You’ll never find a better diffuser than this one. We’re working to import them as we speak! And, as far as homewares go, this store was by far out favorite! Looking into imports here as well. Stay tuned 😉

7 – If you live in the Portland area and consider yourself a lifelong learner, RSVP for a yworkshops event! I’ve had the sincere pleasure of attending events and am currently working with the founder to help bring her vision to life. These events are meant to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life to define what success means to them and pursue their dreams. Keep up the good work, lady!

8 – If you aren’t tired of Shutterstock images, Unsplash is an amazing alternatives. All the images are free! But please, give the photographers credit. They’re providing some amazing shots!

9 – This album is getting me through the work days AND the weekend drives.

10 – We are inspired by so many others out there sharing their inspirations and lives through their blogs. This week’s shout-out is to Local Blog Milk. Her aesthetic is on point and, though I peruse her blog religiously, I haven’t even scratched the surface of the amazing content she’s offering up here. Show her some love.



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