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As we settle into our new space, we’re tackling the design of each room, one at a time. You may think living minimally is easy, but it’s actually quite challenging as everything you keep and/or buy should be serving some sort of purpose. The living room seems like an important first item to cross off our list, and though we’re still in the design and planning stage, but we wanted to catalog and share with you all some of our current inspirations.

Similar shelving here.

We love books, but don’t get to read them as often as we’d like to. We decided that having a corner of the apartment dedicated to down-time and reading is essential for our shared space and collection. We have big beautiful windows all around our apartment, all south facing, so it’s important to have mostly low profile elements in the space. This single level book shelf really caught our eye, and would double well as a shelf or additional seating.

Speaking of seating, we have two sets of great wire/mesh chairs to use. Similar to the ones in the photo above, they are very bare-bones, light-weight, and minimalist in design. I was worried when we picked them up that they were just for appearances and wouldn’t be comfortable but to my surprise they are great and quickly becoming my favorite seating in the house. Even though I don’t need to post inspiration for these as I already have them, I will anyways!

Similar chairs here and here.

There’s this interesting and incredibly irritating trend in apartment design where they don’t add ceiling lights to major living spaces. Would love to know the logic behind this. Consequently, we’ve been enjoying a rather dark living cave once the sun sets. So the hunt for the perfect pendant light has begun! West Elm has some modern, simplistic options that we quite like, but we’re running into an issue finding one with a plug, as we can’t wire anything ourselves. Mixing and matching isn’t off the table either – loving the little acorn lights in the inspiration shot below. If anyone has some good recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Also, I (Taylor) am obsessed with plants. Utterly obsessed. Our apartment is quickly becoming a jungle and I’m super into it. For the living room, I picked up a monstera delicious (Swiss cheese plant) and for my birthday my mom got me a Clerodendrum tree, which has beautiful white flowers and pink/blue bulbs and smells like a cross between vanilla and jasmine. It smells amazing and has the potential to grow up to 40ft! I’m hoping to pick up a fiddle leaf fig next. Jumanji house here we come!

Monstera Deliciosa: image   |   Fiddle Leaf Fig: image

Traveling abroad to Europe over the summer, we were exposed to a ton of different interior stylings and decor choice. What caught our eye most was the refined, minimalist interiors with “pop” items. A classic execution of simplicity complimented by a piece made of reclaimed wood, or stained cement, brass accents, or patterned tile work is timeless to us and what we gravitate towards the most. Although we don’t entertain too much, we’re definitely looking to change that and create a space that feels inviting, clean, and like a refreshing oasis away from the grime and grit of the surrounding city.


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  • Summer 3 months ago Reply

    Aww I love this! Your guys’ space is gorgeous Minimalism is definitely a process. ☺️

    Taylor 3 months ago Reply

    Thanks, Summer! It’s definitely a challenge. Especially when two lives come together under one roof. But, I’m super stoked about how it’s all coming together. I should probably do an update pretty soon…


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