Sunday Set: No.3

It’s finally really feeling like Fall in Portland and we couldn’t be more stoked about it! Warm colors and cold air, hot drinks and all the soups (seriously, all the soups), rainy days and cozy evenings – these are a few of our favorite things. Once again, as the week comes to a close, we’re taking a bit of this last day to compile our weekly inspirations over hot tea, under comfy blankets. Enjoy! 

1 – Did you catch our living room design inspirations? See them here.

2 – Thinking of staying in this beautiful, mid-century guesthouse during our trip to Argentina next spring.

3 – Travel is expensive, so if you’re looking for travel with a cheaper price tag, MyDomaine’s put together a great list of places to go in the off-season. Spain in November during jazz festival season anyone?

4 – Amongst the list of “needs” this winter are great, weatherproof boots. We’re both suckers for good boots. The Strategist put together this great list for women.

5 – We’ve been toying with the idea of painting a wall or two (dark green?) since we moved in. This Yellowtrace article on the new Haymes Artisan Collection has us re-inspired! And, for all you design lovers out there, check out Yellowtrace. Just do it.

6 – It’s fun to book an Airbnb or stay in a hostel while traveling, due in large part to the ample opportunities to really integrate into the local lifestyle and meet new people, but sometimes you need to treat yourself to a little alone time. These amazing hotels are the perfect accommodations for your next urban adventure.

7 – This man is a trivia god and has been upsetting the world of Jeopardy for eight shows in a row.

8 – This drink may not have a reputation of being the most delicate or popular, but it’s one that my family and I drink every year for Thanksgiving while watching the Big Lebowski and admittedly one of my favorites around Fall time.

9 – There’s only 46 days left until our Iceland trip (ahhhh) so we’ve been listening to this playlist. It’s great to hear some new sounds and we will definitely be scoping out the vinyl shops in Reykjavik.

10 – Leibal is a wonderful minimalist blog where you can find write-ups on both residential and commercial spaces, refined to only the essentials. They have a pretty great shop too!





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