Sunday Set: No.4

Travel and work have been crazy over the past couple of weeks and we missed a Sunday Sesh! To make up for a couple weeks of silence, here’s another well-curated Sunday Set with a couple extra links and goodies. You won’t be disappointed!

1 – Aja Edmond has been such an inspiration lately. Just read this great interview conducted by P. Mai in which Aja describes how she discovered her calling and built a business that allows her to live her ideal lifestyle. Goals.

2 – Though we are designing one room at a time, we can’t help but to get excited about all the other spaces! The office in particular has so much potential. Pining over these monitor stands (and basically everything else Grovemade makes!)

3 – Christmas is coming (crazy, right?) and we both always wait to the last minute to buy gifts and wrap them. So this year, we starting early, and this article from Local Blog Milk has some major wrapping inspiration!

4 – I hope my friends and family love books, because Mendo has a very tempting selection, and the holidays they are a-comin’ people!

5 – Ever heard of shou sugi ban? If you’re looking for a new wood treating technique for a personal woodworking project, check this out! Who doesn’t like to play with fire?

6 – These architectural feats have fascinated and wooed people for thousands of years. They always have been and always will be quite beautiful.

7 – There are some great films coming out this Fall and we are very excited to see a bunch of them! We love thrillers and scary movies, so The Snowman is high on our list this week. We also just saw the new Bladerunner and it. was. amazing. What are you all looking forward to seeing?

8 – Target’s Project 62 has some great selections if you’re into the modern home aesthetic. Check them out here.

9 – If you’re anywhere near the Portland area, you HAVE to go to the Portland Art Museum and check out the Laika exhibit, Wyeth paintings, and Whistler etchings. Check out the exhibit write-ups here get your tickets here. They won’t be there for too much longer, and the Wyeth collection may never again come to this city!

10 – Blog-love time! Every week we like to give a shout out to a fellow blogger who is inspiring us. This week we have two (see item #1) and the second is Wit & Delight. Her health & wellness and fashion & style articles are a weekly staple of mine (Taylor)

11 – Our next trip is rapidly approaching, so we’ve been picking up items here and there to stay dry and comfortable no matter what winter weather Iceland throws our way. This North Face jacket as well as this RAINS jacket will be keeping us warm, dry, and stylish. You’ll no doubt be seeing pictures of them in the wild soon.

12 – Now that the weather is a bit cooler, our skin is really starting to feel the climate change and is responding with dryness and redness. We both love Aesop products, and are way overdue for a write-up about them (coming soon!), so we stopped but the local location and picked up a few new essentials. This moisturizer is a game-changer and an amazing compliment to the this vitamin-c enriched hydrating serum, both of which we use daily. We also picked up this quartz-based gentle exfoliant. Our skin is in Aesop heaven right now!






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